What To Expect

You’ve decided to check out K2 the Church. Now what? Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you to know what you can expect when you arrive at our new valley center location on 5049 South Murray Blvd. Murray. Personally we’d recommend stopping by on a Sunday morning (9:30 AM & 11:30 AM) and experiencing it first-hand, after all, it’ll only cost you an hour and a half of your day, you can feel comfortable dropping your kids in ADVENTURE CANYON, or if you have teens, they can hang out with VERTICAL our Middle School Ministry, or with FUSION our High School Ministry. The coffee will be waiting for you…


What should I wear?When are services?Where should I park?Where do my children go?What is a service like at K2 the Church?Are you wondering how you can plug in at K2?

What should I wear?

You will find anything and everything as far as attire goes at K2. In the summer we lean toward flip flops. In the winter, you can wear your ski gear to head to the slopes after service. If it makes you feel more worshipful to dress up for services, go for it. Be comfortable. Be who you are.

When are services?

Services are at 9:30am and 11:30am at our new location, 5049 South Murray Blvd, Murray, UT 84123.

Where should I park?

Anywhere is fair game. We have a large parking lot at our new facility.

Where do my children go?

You can have peace of mind that your children are safe and having a blast in our Children’s program that engages kids on their level in fun and creative ways.

First, go to a check-in kiosk where one of our serving team members will help you and your family get checked in, print name tags for your kids with a matching pick-up tag that only you will have. You must show your matching tag to have your children released to you at the end of their class.

Because your kids’ safety is of utmost importance to us, we have our in house security team maintaining an excellent level of security around our children’s facilities

Learn more about Adventure Canyon for your kids.

What is a service like at K2 the Church?

When you walk in to the lobby at K2 there will be coffee, teas, cocoa and water waiting for you at the counter. Grab a cup of something fabulous. If you have questions, head to one of our Info Carts to talk with one of our Connections team members, who will be happy to help you in any way they can. Services are held in the auditorium, so head that way as it gets close to your service time.

K2 is a very artistically-driven church. What this means is that you may see videos, dramas, dance performances or any other form of art used to set the stage for the day’s message. Worship at K2 the Church typically feels like a rock concert. Sit. Stand. Sway. Raise your hand. Kneel down. Whatever posture makes you feel the most engaged with God is cool with us.

We have engaging messages from a live speaker sharing truth from the Bible each week. You can bring your own Bible or use an app on your phone. We always have the Bible verses up on the screens, too.

Are you wondering how you can plug in at K2?

Details about new community and serving opportunities are available in the program you’ll be handed as you walk in the doors to the auditorium. You will find our Next Step Card inside the Sunday program to sign up for one of our ministries to men, women, kids, families, the community and more! Just put the completed card in the offering bag, or hand it to one of the blue shirt Connections Team member as you leave.

Another awesome way to get connected on Sundays is what we call The Gathering. The Gathering offers new opportunities to connect with others who have similar passions. Every week there is a different focus and a chance to connect. You find the list of interest groups with dates in the program.