Vision, Mission, Values


To be a church with reckless faith in Jesus Christ fleshed out in sacrificial love, service to those in need, and a commitment to draw people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.


To invite and equip everyone to live out the adventure of following God.


  1. The absolute fulfillment of freely RECEIVING from God
  2. The joy of BECOMING like Jesus Christ by following His teachings in the Bible
  3. The thrill of FOLLOWING the Holy Spirit’s direction
  4. The challenge of CONNECTING our lives with others in grace and truth
  5. The partnership with God in REACHING every person who has yet to know how much He loves them
  6. The freedom of SACRIFICING all self-interest for the interests of God and others
  7. The discovery of BEING a unique expression of God in this time and place
  8. The impact of GIVING the best of our time, talents and finances to God for His purposes
  9. The fun of ENJOYING life and each other along the way
  10. The amazement of MULTIPLYING our lives through His life-giving power