How We’re Staying Safe

Guidelines to follow to move services into our building

  1. Stay home if you are feeling sick or experiencing symptoms of Covid – 19 (fever, cough, chills or muscle aches,
    sore throat, new loss of smell/taste, nausea or vomiting, congestion/runny nose, fatigue, or diarrhea).
  2. Our main entrance will shift to the night lobby (south of the previous entrance near the K2 logo)
    The main lobby and all classrooms are closed for the time being so all exterior and interior doors to these areas
    will be closed.
  3. Social distancing will be practiced both inside and outside.
    1. In order to provide an environment of social distancing there may be a slowdown in entering the auditorium
      so we ask that if you see a line forming to keep your social distance upon entrance.
    2. Please wait for all members of your party to enter the church together. If you did not all arrive together
      please meet up outside of the building before entering and then you’ll be seated together.
    3. No contact wrist bands will be available. We realize that everyone has different comfort levels when it
      comes to social distancing so there will be red wrist bands provided as you enter for anyone desiring one to
      show that you are not comfortable with any physical contact.
  4. Face masks are required to be warn at all times once you enter the building.
    You will need to wear a face mask to enter the building, as you walk through the halls, on the way to your seat,
    during worship and the sermon, and on your way to the exits. If you need a face mask, we will have them
    available for you.

  5. Auditorium seating will be guided in order to maximize our seating and still keep social distancing guidelines.
    1. We will have volunteers to help each group find seats to accommodate your group size and create safe area
      around you. For this reason, we ask that you wait to enter the building until everyone in your party is
    2. Once seated we ask that you make every attempt to not leave until the end of the service so that you are
      not entering or crossing other people’s safe area.
    3. When the service has concluded people will be dismissed by sections to eliminate congestion. We ask that
      everyone exit the building directly to catch up and connect with each other outside as the main lobby and
      rest of the building is still closed.

    Considerations to make your experience more peaceful and joyful.

    • Allow extra time for seating by arriving early for the worship experience.
    • Please use the restrooms before or after the service so that we are not entering or crossing into other peoples
      socially distanced space. Also, only the restrooms in open areas of the building will be accessible.
    • Wash your hands often & use the provided hand sanitizer to keep yourself & others safe.
    • There will be no coffee or bagels served at this time but feel free to bring your favorite brew with you.
    • The Sermon notes can be found on the K2 app rather than a physical handout.
    • Please be aware that as a leadership and staff we are doing everything we can to provide you an environment
      that has clean air and surfaces to worship in.