Serve Globally

Expeditions is what we call ’em around K2. The Bible refers to it as the “Great Commission”. (Matt 28:19, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:7)

We believe we can make a difference in this world today. If you’re interested in joining the cause, contact Danielle Vaughns to see how you can get involved.

Honduras: For over 8 years, K2 has partnered with a church in Honduras that is on the edge of the worst poverty in Central America. You can help feed and educate impoverished children in the most dangerous countries though the church, Iglesia en Transformacion. K2 The Church also serves in Honduras missionally.

Swaziland: Since 2012, K2 the Church has sponsored over 200 orphans in the village of Ekudzeni. We have help build a well and church, as well as provided shoes, education, and basic medical care. You can sponsor a child or serve missionally with K2 in Ekudzeni.

Honduras School Supplies: K2’s partner church, Iglesia en Transformacion in Honduras, feeds 70-150 kids each day who may not receive a meal otherwise. In addition to filling their stomachs, they also support the children’s education. We would love to provide the children with at least 100 new backpacks filled with school supplies.

We are asking for the following items:

Non-character new back pack filled with the following 10 supplies:
Younger kids– 1)Pencil case or pencil bag 2)colored pencils 3)pencils 4)pens 5)fine point markers 6)erasers
Older kids- items 1-6 plus 7)scissors 8)compass(mathematical not directional)
both sets 9) a note of encouragement(generic) to the childWe will be collecting donations through September 28th. Drop your donation in the bins in the lobby. Email for more info.