1. Live Sunday Services Online – Watch the services live at home with your family or small group by clicking “Stream Live” on our web or app. You can also go to facebook.com/k2thechurch on Sunday at 10:30am to watch live.
  2. Curriculum for your children – Weekly our Adventure Canyon team will be posting the material for children’s church. You can play this at the same time you watch the service yourself or anytime before or after here. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or advice on sharing this content with your children. Contact Chris Neeley 
  3. Student Ministry Instagram Live – On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights at 7pm we are going to go live on instagram for discussions & devos! Each session will be around 15 minutes and will have one of our staff or leaders sharing a short devotional and a few questions. Please follow both pages, as we will switch off on where we are posting. @k2_highschool https://www.instagram.com/k2_highschool/ @k2_middleschool https://www.instagram.com/k2_middleschool/
  4. K2 Cares Facebook Group – This group is to help serve our community and neighbors during this time. You can post needs here or ways you can help. Join the group
  5. Household Isolation – If your house is at risk of infection or you are currently sick and have decided to confine your family we want to serve you. Please fill out this form to identify your home as “Quarantined” so we can be a resource for you until you are able to get out on your own.
  6. Volunteer to help resource our members who are in need – We are looking for people who are willing to help serve and resource members who are most adversely affected by Covid-19. If you are willing to make phone calls, pray or deliver supplies please sign up here today.
  7. Right Now Media – With your kids and family home more frequently K2 has purchased a digital streaming service for everyone at K2 called Right Now Media. There is content for Adults and Kids, click here to create your account today for free.
  8. Prepare & Enrich for couples – The time we’d normally fill up with the everyday commitments that pull us in all different directions can now be valuable time together. Click here for a great article from our friends at Prepare and Enrich!