Our Team

A group of rhinos is called a Crash. They can run 30 miles an hour but only see about 30 feet in front of them. When they show up they make an impact! That’s what it looks like to follow God. “We want to be a church of reckless faith in Jesus Christ fleshed out in sacrificial love, service to those in need, and a commitment to draw people into an ever-deepening relationship with God.”

For us being reckless means not knowing the plan but knowing that when God moves we want to follow him. And when we follow Him, He transforms us to become more like Him. We think that’s a good thing.

So buckle up for a new way of life that is an awesome adventure. Following God should keep you on your toes, not put you to sleep. Our mission is to “invite and equip everyone to live out the adventure of following God.” This is the kind of adventure we want to wake people up to.
Are you game?

Who are we trying to reach?


Don’t like church?  Perfect. This is a church for people who don’t like church. We value what’s real over the show.
Been burned by religion? Jesus was too. Rules, good works, shame, no thanks.
Been in church your whole life? Awesome. Then you know that Church isn’t about you, it’s about loving and serving one another.
Been wandering from church to church? What you are searching for isn’t a place. It is people. We all need Community that knows us and loves us too.
Whoever you are, God loves you. Come find that here.

What should you expect?

Read more about our theological statements.

Our Pastor

Dave Nelson
Lead Pastor

The vision to teach high school and coach football got completely turned upside down while Dave was in college. At age 19 he fully surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and found that God had other plans for him. Instead, right out of college he started a youth ministry in Carrollton, OH and then three years later joined the team to plant Kensington Church in Troy, MI. After 13 years of various leadership positions at Kensington and picking up his Masters degree in Theology, Dave received an invitation to start a church in Salt Lake City. Leading a team of 30 adults from Detroit, they moved into Salt Lake City in 2003 and launched K2 the church in the fall of 2004.
Dave has been married to his bride Susie for 18 years and they love nothing more than hanging with their kids – Moriya, Ashlyn and Caleb. His love for football is still strong and very quickly his collegiate loyalty switched over to the Utes. He’ll forever though bear the pain of being a Detroit Lions fan. Dave loves everything new. A new restaurant, a new menu item at a familiar restaurant, a new hike, a new place to travel. Most of all he loves the new life that Jesus Christ creates within people and loves every opportunity to join Jesus in seeing that happen.


Leadership Team

Dave Nelson
Lead Pastor
Jason Dunn
Executive Pastor
Derek Murphy
Life Together Director
Mike Routledge
Arts Director

Adventure Canyon

Keith Tall
Children's Ministry Volunteer Specialist
Patty Horton
Preschool Director

Student Ministries

Cloe Sadiq
Associate Youth Director
Bryson Davis
Youth Director

Discipleship / Life Together

Derek Murphy
Life Together Director
Rachel Willford
Life Together Groups Director
Kipp Gerdes
Next Step Coordinator


Jenny Muir
Service Producer
Mike Routledge
Arts Director
Garret Hoover
Creative Media Director
Josh Huber
Technical Director

Finance / Operations / Outreach

Stacey Tall
Office Manager
Eric Winter
Finance Director
Amy King
Foster and Adoption Advocate