Our Story


What would happen if you dared to let go, releasing your grip on life and placing it all—dreams, relationships and priorities—into the hands of God?

Sometimes in mountaineering, the climber must entirely release his grip on the rock and fully commit his energy to the attainment of another ledge. For a brief moment he grasps nothing—a risk he must take to move on, to ascend.

In like manner, over 35 adults have let go of careers, communities, families and homes and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Some have found jobs while others are still looking. All have dared to let go in hopes of grasping a new dream.


In 1996, a former University of Utah football standout named Luther Elliss rediscovered the faith of his youth at Kensington in Troy, Michigan. He had sought God during his Utah college years, but in his searching he did not make the connection he was looking for. On Luther’s first visit to Kensington, he felt his heart stirred as he started reconnecting with God in this church that was doing church in a very different and interesting way.


While Luther’s commitment to Christ grew, he began to imagine how a church like Kensington could flourish in Salt Lake City. As Luther’s wife Rebecca, a Salt Lake native, began to share the same dream, they prayed for God’s direction, and in April 2002 he called Dave Nelson, one of Kensington’s teaching pastors, and left this voicemail message: “Dave, this is Luther Elliss. I’m wondering if you’ve thought about church planting. And if you have, what would you think about planting a church in Salt Lake City? Give me a call.”


As Dave and his wife Susie prayed for the next three months seeking God’s direction, they saw their circumstances, counsel from others, and the beating of their hearts converge causing them to answer Luther’s question with a resounding “Yes”. It was just the start of a new and exciting adventure for them, as well as many other believers who caught the same vision.