Church at Home Leader Guide

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Church at Home Leader Guide


Sunday Gathering leaders: Thank you for stepping up to serve and lead in this significant way during a difficult time. Because we know that God has seen these days coming and already provided for our needs, we trust that he is using this time and will continue to do so for his purposes as we continue to stay Focused, Tight and Out there as a Church.


Role of Sunday Church at Home Leader

  • Create an environment for Sunday morning worship gatherings
  • Lead and facilitate the gathering
  • Assign Leaders for Adventure Canyon


Creating an environment for Church at Home

When we gather at our buildings on Sunday mornings, we think creatively and plan ahead in order to create an environment that is welcoming, friendly, and help people prepare for worship. Here’s how we can do the same way in our homes:

  • K2 Sunday Gatherings will begin at around 10:15am. At this time, you may serve coffee/tea/etc.,
  • The Online Worship experience and Adventure Canyon will begin at 10:30, it’s important to be ready to go at 10:15am to ensure a 10:30am start time.
  • Create a reliable rhythm by starting on time every week.


As a Church at Home Lead, you will be leading a worship gathering in your home, which is different from leading a small group discussion. Here’s what that means:

  • Leading some element of the gathering in your home, such as opening in prayer, communion when offered, or a call/response at the end. You also may decide to do a discussion time at the end.
  • Encouraging people to submit prayer requests and give online.


Adventure Canyon

Many Gathering locations will have kids grade 5 and under. The Adventure Canyon team prepares age appropriate material for your kids and puts in online.

  • Sunday Gathering Leaders should recruit at least two teams of two people to switch off leading Adventure Canyon on Sunday mornings.
  • If you have any issue please contact Patty Horton