Base Camp

A life with God is possible. And, it’s the most breathtaking adventure you’ll ever go on. However, nobody goes on an adventure like this without first prepping in a base camp. That’s where you’re going to get equipped, where you’ll learn about the terrain and where you’ll assemble your team. K2’s Base Camp is more just than another bible study. Our Base Camp prepares you for a life-long adventure with God and also helps you to guide others through their journey.

You can join a base camp group. All you need is an open heart and a base camp book. Books are available at K2 for a suggested donation $2 to cover printing costs.

New to K2? Fall Base Camp is a 6 week course for you. At Base Camp you will meet with other folks and get to know their stories. You will also learn about Jesus and how to enter into this adventure with him. Base camp will equip you for the adventure ahead. Come and check us out. We will meet during the 9:30 service at the top of the stairs in the back of the main street lobby. Text or email Mike Jacobs with any questions 801 541-8556,

Below are videos of our message series on Base Camp. A 10 minute clip will get you prepared as you dive into each of these challenging chapters.

Action Steps:
  • Join a Base Camp Group
  • Grab a friend and go through Base Camp one-on-one
  • Follow the Bible Reading Plan after you finished BaseCamp