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Thanks for checking out K2 the Church. We’re a church that exists for both people who don’t go to church anywhere and for those who want to be reckless in expressing their faith and love for Jesus Christ. Wherever you are on that continuum you’re welcome here!

We believe that everyone’s spiritual journey should be an adventure with God. We call it being "Focused, Tight and Out There!" At K2 that means:

Being FOCUSED on Jesus Christ, who we believe loves every person and desires each one to live a glorious life,

Making every effort to be TIGHT with each other by learning how to express and receive His love through the people around us,

Living a life that is OUT THERE in our world that needs so much love and healing.

We’d love to have you join us as we pursue living a life that impacts the world! Hope to see you soon!

David Nelson
Lead Pastor

It’s Ba-a-a-ck!!!

Our 5:30PM evening service returns next Sunday, September 8th in the WhiteBox! Plan on sleeping in and joining us for an incredible worship experience in the evening.

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